Friday, December 14, 2012

Episode 21- Ghost of Christmas Crafting Past

Thanks again to Mom for joining me on this episode!

Knitting Patterns Discussed:

Basic Cuff Up Mitten pattern by Patti Pierce Stone

4 new headbands Bow Headband- free pattern by Erin Kate Archer

  • Pichous for my nephew (made 2 pair because the first pair seemed to small)
    • Parkspin Slippers pattern- basically the same slipper pattern I used for the adult sized slippers that I talked about in the last episode. I was going to modify that pattern myself to make them for the kiddos, but this pattern already had the math done for me.
  • Vancouver Fog Mitts- free pattern by Jen Balfour

Drawstring bag using this tutorial.

Ball spinner to review from the Yarn Sellar in ME
To order call: 207-351-1987
I have the Large version.
A more thorough review to come, but this wood spinner is beautiful. Inquire with Carrie at the Yarn Sellar website.

Christmas Crafting- the good, the bad and the hideous!

  • Remember the potholders, trivets, placemats and coasters you could make on these looms? You can still buy these from Love and Money Looms.


My Favorite Advent Calendar
(whose poor mouse never gets to move- unless I come to visit)

I forgot to mention this on the show, but don't forget about our Holiday KAL in progress!

Any holiday gifts you finish and post before 12/31/12 will be entered into the contest for a prize.

  • The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnum
  • Oak Grove Mitts by Alana Dakos- includes a fingerless glove and a fingerless mitt option. Beautiful pattern with an oak leaf design on the top of the hand
Thanks again for listening! Wishing you much joy no matter which holiday you celebrate (or don't) this holiday season. I am truly grateful for each of you!