Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Episode 22- Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Thanks for tuning into Episode 22!

On the Needles
A Bit of Winter Glitz Scarf
Strib Hat for Dan

Off the Needles

Basic Cuff Up Mitten pattern by Patti Pierce Stone

Mom’s Christmas Gifts:

Knit tulle scrubbie
Crafty Adventures

Sachets with Balsam Fir
Last 2 monsters to be gifted to the nieces and nephews for Christmas

I made a project bag for me using this Drawstring Bag Tutorial


Goals and plans for 2013

-Knit a sweater for me
-Knitting socks for Dan
-Knit more than 6 items for me
-Try my hand at colorwork
-Continue to look for new techniques when selecting projects (ideally while knitting down my stash)

From the Armchair
This week I reviewed Beyond Knit and Purl by Kate Atherly.
Thank you to Cooperative Press for providing the review copy.
I highly recommend this book (and/or eBook) for those who are beginners or intermediate knitters looking to learn new techniques.

Life in Focus
This year I enjoyed taking photos at Christmas even more thanks to my handy flash- Canon Speedlite 430

Photo Challenge #1 
The first challenge is something I think is in line with the New Year- which is to see things from a fresh perspective. Instead of shooting something from straight on- get up high or down low or from right or left. Find a new angle. You can shoot whatever subject  you like- just look at it differently.

Select your best photo (or a couple photos) and post to this thread in our Ravelry Group.

Photo Challenge #1- Find a New Angle

Link to Instructions for Uploading Photos into a Forum Thread on Ravelry

On a Happy Note

My handmade gifts were very well received! And I too was lucky to receive both some handmade gifts and some gifts to use in my own crafting. Check out some photos below.

Top Right: Bear from Dan with my new thread rack
Top Left: Singer Sewing book, quilting instructions guide, dish cloth pattern book
Bottom Left: Handsewn table runner with new dishware from my Mom
Bottom Right: Handmade pillows from my best friend (the big one has a big pocket on the front) Love it!

Gifts (from top left to bottom right):

Dishcloths I made, Table Runner I received, Snowman with Knit belly, pillows for my bed, knit scrubbie made out of tulle, 2 monsters, Twist-a-Lite (as modeled by Teddy Ruxpin (a staple in my Christmas decorating)


I announced the prizes for our Holiday KAL- tune in to see if you won! And if so, please contact me!


I am excited to announce Out of this World Knit-a-Long with Sara & Lydia from Oh Loops!

4 month, 4 object knit a long
The challenge for each month will be posted in the last week of the previous month (January's is already posted here). Then you have the entire month to complete the 1 Object. You can post your FOs in both our group and in the OH Loops group to give you two chances to win!

Each month you will be asked to challenge yourself with new techniques, new colors and new patterns (all chosen at your discretion). There will be some guidance (example- in January you need to knit something for your hands) but otherwise you choose the specific pattern/yarn. You will only be required to purchase something new for the fourth and final project.

There are also Extra Credit Assignments which will only be posted in the Oh Loops Group. THey will be posted every other Friday. There will be smaller prizes up for grabs for doing the extra credit.

You must complete all 4 challenges to be entered to win

Prizes include
A skein of yarn from Oh! Loops Etsy Shop

Oh! Loops gift card 
A coordinating project bag and notions bag from the amazing Silver Pumpkin Etsy shop (Don't forget-if you post your FO in both groups each month you have twice the chance to win)

January Chat Thread in the Down Cellar Studio Group

January FO Thread in the Down Cellar Studio Group

Quote of the Week

Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go. - Margaret Walker

Thanks for listening! Talk to you soon!

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