Friday, May 4, 2012

Episode 5- Enjoy Your Burrito

Thanks again to both new and returning listeners! 

This week's segments include:

  • On the Needles
  • Off the Needles
  • Brainstorming
  • Life in Focus
  • In My Travels
  • Crafty Adventures
  • From the Armchair
  • Knitting in Passing
  • On a Happy Note
  • Quote of the Week

Thank you Jessica (from the Knitting Brooklyn Podcast) and Barb and Tracie from (2KnitLitChicks podcast) for recommending my show!

On the Needles

Also mentioned other hats I've made:

Off the Needles

Ebbtide Shawl
(thanks to my friend Waveney for being my model!)


Heirloom Blanket by Madeline Tosh
Correction: This calls for 450-900 yards (not 450-90 yards as I said on the show)

Loving the Coastal Kids Patterns

Life in Focus

Online Software Training for a monthly fee-
Great resource for learning PhotoShop and other editing software programs.

Samples of photos that I submitted for critique in the past couple weeks. I'm enjoying capturing all of the different aspects of the kids personalities through photography.

In My Travels

I'm looking forward to:
NH Sheep and Wool Festival- May 12 & 13, 2012 in Deerfield, NH

Crossing my fingers I can make it to Brenda Dayne's A Memorable Yarn on May 8th at 6p at Webs. Please think good thoughts!!!

Looking forward to Ravelympics 2012! Check out the group here.
I'll be participating with Team Sasquatch

June 9, 2012- I'll be at Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA

From the Armchair

Knitting in Passing

Mentioned my niece's Neighborly Vest

On a Happy Note

Loving me some Zumba!

Quote of the Week

Enjoy your burrito!

  • Here's a link to an article about the origin of the phase.
  • Check out the episode with Rainn Wilson (from The Office) and Bryan Cranston (from Breaking Bad) if you'd like to hear this hijinx for yourself. Two of my favorite episodes of this podcast.


  1. Awesome title! I love, love, love the Nerdist. They are my burrito when I'm stuck at work and bored out of my skull. And thank you for linking to us! - Jane of Jane and Jen Knit Funny

  2. Enjoy your podcast, i grew up in Massachusetts and use the term down cellar
    Another good podcast are the ladies from Boston called Ladies of the knit

  3. Lakchi- No, the group is Wild about Wednesdays. They can be found by searching that in Ravelry.

    Thanks for listening!!

  4. Hi, I listen from Japan.
    Love your voice, really. I am catching up all episodes.
    I love audio-podcast. As you said, these are much easier to listen while doing something.

    Jiccho on Raverly