Thursday, July 11, 2013

Episode 31- Bunny Parts

Thanks for tuning into Episode 31!
And thanks to Mom for joining me this week!

Off the Needles

Planche Vest by Meghan Jones
Learned the 3 Needle Bind Off (its WAY easier than it sounds)

Working on the last of this top down in the Down Cellar Studio 
(to beat the heat)

Its Done!

After-Thought Heel Sock Pattern by Laura Linneman
--Mom thinks afterthought heel socks look more like puppets than socks

On the Needles
Socks by Theresa Gaffey from Wear With All Book

Started socks with Opal Sock yarn, but they're too narrow, so I'm turning them into fingerless mitts.

Sugar Bunny by Raynor Gellatly
Using leftover Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn & US 6 needles
Apparently it has a few more parts than I realized. But not as many as Mom alludes to.

Mom is looking for a way to sell craft items from her former craft & gift store online. Do you have any insight you can share about how best to do this without a huge investment of time, even with items that may only be available once?

Please message Mom on Ravelry as BostonJensMom or email us at

Mom has a blog drafted which can be found here.

From the Armchair

Tapgurlonthego Podcast & blog
Carmen is GREAT! Give her a listen!

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! 

We highly recommend this book. 60 great blankets- a good variety for all skill level of knitters and all kinds of babies. Plus one really cute sheep

We were also fortunate to receive a shawl gem to review from Tix Trinkets. These little gems are a great way to keep your shawl on your shoulders or pinned together... or just to add some glitz. Terri (Mom to Katie from the Knitting on the Fly Podcast) has a great selection of colors and styles. She also offers a product called Better Than a Button which is a shorter version that will easily and stylishly close up your open front cardigan. Thank you Katie and Terri for this beautiful piece of functional jewelry! I recommend that you go check these out right away!


Sweater KAL -- chatting has begun! Come join us here.

Cast on July 15 or later.
Finish and post FO in thread by the end of the day on 10/15
Adult sized sweater of your choosing- cardigan, pullover, whatever you like

On a Happy Note

We have family coming to visit to help us continue enjoying a very fun, relaxing summer. We've played cards, swam in the pool, played with the kids. We're having a ball.

Silly hat times!

A glimpse of summer in my backyard
The first buck I've ever seen in our yard!

Maine Lemonade (serves 8-12)
16 oz lemonade
14 oz blueberry vodka
12 oz blue curaƧao
Mix together. Add lots of ice and enjoy!

Here's my Summer bucket list (Added text and graphics to photo in Over app). Have you made one?

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  1. Hi Jen,
    thank you for the podcast. I am a new listener. Love it!
    I do have an account on Etsy, but think that just regular PayPal button on her blog would work the best (only PP fees to pay). I think people would have lots of advise for your mom's business. I would like to ask if you guys find something worth talking about, please let us know. This would be a good topic for next podcast.
    Thank you!